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Why Foot Zoning? What is it?

Improving Body Conditions Through Your Feet at Any Age

Foot Zoning is good for all ages, including infants and children and the elderly

Did you know that you have 3000+ nerve endings in your feet that connect to your brain and then on to every organ,  gland,  body system, muscle, bone and connective tissue band in your body?  No matter what your age, Foot Zoning increases circulation and lymph flow to all of these areas while balancing their energy and helping to move and remove toxic buildup.  This helps the body to clear away chronic symptoms, calm inflamed nerves, relieve discomforts and realign its structure and fluid pathways.  When you give your body and spirit what they need, they know how to heal themselves.

Natural Wellness


Our goal is to provide alternative natural care that can discover and prevent imbalances using the feet as a map to the whole body.  No disrobing necessary. Our "heeling" only involves the feet and ankles, and  is  a natural, holistic approach to wellness.  Each session takes between 1-1 1/2 hours, as every body system is addressed on each foot.  $40 for a basic one-hour zone.  If emotion clearing and essential oils are desired and used, add an extra half hour, and the cost will be $60 total.

The Goal is Balanced Energy


You will be educated about your own body as you receive treatments to remove layers of imbalances.  Wellness needs to be emotional and energetic as well as physical, and a variety of modalities can be applied to achieve best results.  This includes muscle testing, kinesiology, aromatherapy, nutritional suggestions, essential oils, EFT, Healing Codes, emotion clearing and balancing along with the foot zone routine itself.

Real Testimonials--written by THEM, not us


Happy Feet


Want  HAPPY FEET? See Erica and schedule a foot zoning appointment. She's  very knowledgeable and experienced. Even if you have ticklish feet,  she's great at making you feel comfortable and relaxed. She explains the  technique of foot zoning and helps you understand what she's doing. She  has worked on my feet several times and I have always gone away feeling  better, rejuvenated and energized. 

--- Avis 

Kids and Adults


Erica  has been able to work on four of my kids' feet and they love it. They  have been helped with different issues such as croup, colds, flu  symptoms, constipation, bad dreams, and even emotional distress. The  work done is not just a generic foot zoning, but it is very specific to  their needs and each and every one of my kids is comfortable having  their feet zoned. 

My husband and I have also  had work done by her. The work done on my husband focuses on muscle  issues, while mine is more towards resolving issues with gall stones.  Both problems have had major changes helped by the work done by Erica's  foot zoning. I would recommend her for work both on adults and children.


Great for all ages

 I try  to get my feet zoned regularly from Erica. At first I was hesitant of  its benefits, but now I have really seen and felt the difference of  getting it done. She has also done both of my kids (ages 4 and 1.5) and  she does it in a way where they don’t get bored or impatient. She keeps  them engaged and excited while doing everything. Erica is so good at this art and makes the experience worth while.   


Entire Family

 Our family puts Erica in high esteem. She is very knowledgeable and has  been working on my entire family. From my husband and I as well as my  three kids aging from 13 years old to two years old. My kids look  forward to experience the work she does with her foot zoning, essential  oils and emotional healing. We are very lucky to have her in our lives.


Gifted and Intuitive

 I had the fortune to be able to attend foot zoning classes with Erica  and would highly recommend her service. The first thing is she is  naturally gifted with her hands. I was so relaxed and felt so much  better after she worked on me. She also brings to the table extensive  knowledge on essential oils and integrates the oils into the foot zone.  (Smells and feels amazing!)
Not only is Erica sweet and kind, she is extremely  intuitive and gifted  in many healing arts. And she loves nothing better than using her gifts  and knowledge to help others. It is a real treat to have her work on  you. She so amazing! 




Is this just another fad? No, no no no no! We use timeless tools like Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Emotional Support

Herbs and essential oils have been safely used from the beginning of human history to the present-- LONG before western pharmaceuticals were invented with their devastating side effects. Improving physical and  emotional problems with nature ( using plant foods and essences combined with foot zoning)  is effective without harmful and  unnecessary side effects.  You can even have  customized highest-quality blends created just for you and your specific immediate needs.


No pills. No gimmicks. Nothing scary. Even kids love it. Just natural relief through a specialize routine applied to acupressure and nerve points, and to circulation pathways--like reflexology but more holistic in its application.

Foot Zoning applies choreographed pressure to address imbalances which may become body symptoms. These could be headaches, joint pain, stomach aches,  stress, stagnant lymph, edema, clogged sinuses, etc.  

A Foot Zoner  is trained to discover

clues mapped into the foot to recognize and release these imbalances.


This is no magic pill. It is a step by step process that takes repeated visits. We reverse layers of toxic blockage throughout the whole body one zone session at a time, so all its parts can work together again instead of masking pain or focusing on a single symptom. It takes time and repetition to remove all the blocks.


Holistic treatments give the body a chance to reverse chronic issues by increasing circulation, lymph flow and communication to the brain. This can improve nerve vitality and support the body in removing blockages to all of these, instead of  merely "managing" or suppressing them. Foot zoning gives the physical and emotional brain centers support so the body can revitalize and improve mental, emotional, and physical complaints, one layer at a time.


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